Until Today

Waiting for yet another wedding ceremony to start, Kate wishes she was at the movies instead. This is in the vein of “flash fiction” which are short, short stories of less than 1,000 words (approx 170 words).

* * * *

“There will be cake,” she tells herself and tries to look as if she’s having a good time.

The Wedding March plays. The guests stand. The bride starts down the aisle. Even through the veil, Kate can see the bride’s eyes shining as if she’s going to cry.

The groom’s shoulders shake as he tries to contain his feelings, but tears flood down his round cheeks anyway. He pushes his chubby fingers behind his glasses to clear his vision.

An air of suspense fills the chapel. Will the couple make it through the ceremony before their emotions overwhelm them?

When the bride reaches the alter, the two join hands and face each other.

“Are you ready, Honey?” The bride jokes to her husband to be.

“Absolutely!” The groom answers as he straightens his shoulders and stands taller.

The couple turns to the minister. The guests take their seats. “But, I don’t cry at weddings,” Kate thinks to herself as she reaches into her purse for a tissue. And that was true–until today.

* * * *

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