Bad Dating Stories in Five Lines or Fewer

By Christy Murphy “You don’t have to if you don’t want to,” he said, but she couldn’t risk that he didn’t mean it. She closed her eyes, silenced her inner warning bells, and followed him down the hall. * * * * * As she rants about her ex-boyfriend’s commitment issues during their coffee date, […]

You’ve Been Selected

by Christy Murphy After having worked in fast food and retail, I thought I’d hit the big time when I scored a job working at Birch Radio Research . There I had reached the holy grail of all high school part-time jobs, I got to SIT instead of stand for a whole shift. When I […]

My Next Move

by Christy Murphy The sharp, cracking sound of our bamboo sticks colliding both frightens and impresses me. The speed of the drill increases, and my nervous laughter kicks in. Luloy, my Filipino arnis instructor, laughs, too, but he doesn’t stop the drill. I am moving faster and sweating more than I ever thought I could. […]

Falling in Love (with a girl)

by Sylvia KrakauerFalling in love is an ephemeral thing. I must be more attuned to the ephemeral than most because I fall in love all the time. But on one special day, the object of my affections was not a man. It was not even, despite my usual admiration for the species, human. It was […]

The Chicken Place on Laurel

I’m 30, single, and living in Los Angeles. Thanks to my foray into online dating, I feel like I’m living my own version of Sex and the City. Except instead of going to Fifth Avenue parties with Mr. Big, I find myself on many awkward dates with engineers at the Macaroni Grill. I bring this […]

Money Light

by Christy Murphy I’d never classify my family as poor when I was growing up, but I can say that, looking back on it, there were times when we may have been more “money light” than other people. I know this because, I have heard friends refer to things that I had no real concept […]

The Brown Out

by Christy MurphyBeing half Filipino and raised in America, I had no first-hand knowledge of how my mom grew up. As I planned for my first trip to the Philippines, I had dreams of effortlessly picking up Visayan, getting in touch with my roots, and miraculous dropping 15 pounds in three weeks due to adopting […]

I Hate My Job (7 Flash Fiction Stories)

by Milda HarrisThe first thing I do when I get to the office every morning is make the coffee. I measure out the allotted amount of coffee, add the water to the machine, and press the button. The second thing I do, is hear how awful the coffee tastes from everyone who goes to get […]

The Night of the Party

by Christy Murphy Maureen can see he’s in pain, and even under the circumstances, she still loves him. “And when you love someone,” she thinks to herself, “and you can relieve his suffering, you do it.” She motions to Henry to stop talking. He stops and looks up at her. She can almost see a […]

… And Then He Kissed Her (3 Short Love Stories)

by Christy Murphy Diane opened the door, and there he was wearing a tuxedo. “I take it back. There ARE girls that make guys want to do ridiculous things for,” Ken said as he reached into his pocket and put on bunny ears from Diane’s Halloween costume last year. “You’re ridiculous!” she laughed as her […]

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