Dog Park Love Story

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Dog Park Love Story

by Milda Harris

“That’s a cute dog,” The Guy said, as I walked past him.

I hadn’t even noticed him up until that point. We were in a dog park, with lots of other people, so it wasn’t a surprise that there was someone else there. I just didn’t expect anyone to actually talk to me.

I was following my dog Paws around for a half hour like I usually did on Sunday afternoons. She was a mix of some sort, a small dog with wiry curly white and black hair, and I had gotten her from the pound a year ago. I never knew I could love an animal so much. This was my attempt to socialize her with other dogs, but she just liked to wander around mostly. She was weird like that. She loved other dogs, but was just a little bit scared by them. I watched as she sniffed a dirty tennis ball. She loved toys, even if they were disgusting ones at the dog park.

I turned to look at the Guy, who was watching me and not the dog, “Thanks.”

He was pretty cute actually, maybe in his late twenties or early thirties, only a couple of years older than me. He had a Chicago Cubs baseball cap on, but I could see a tuft of brown hair peeking out from beneath it.

“Which dog is yours?” I asked, looking around the dog park.

“That one,” He pointed to a Jack Russell Terrier digging in the dirt. “He’s a bit of a handful.”

“Looks like,” I said, noticing the dog was getting dirtier by the second. “You like the Cubs?”

“Yeah. I’m a huge Cubs fan,” he said.

I turned back to see what Paws was doing. She’d moved on to sniffing some nearby grass.

“What’s your dog’s name?” he asked.

“Paws,” I said, turning back to look at the Guy. “What’s yours?”

“Snickers,” he said. “We should see if they like each other.”

“Okay,” I said, picking up and moving Paws in the direction of Snickers. I was there, after all, to get Paws some playmates. Maybe she’d find herself a boyfriend instead.

I set Paws down in front of Snickers. They stared at each other for a moment and then Paws went down on her front paws in play mode. That was promising. She didn’t do that for ninety percent of the dogs in the dog park. This was a good play match.

“Looks like they like each other,” the Guy smiled, as the dogs circled one another playfully.

“Yeah,” I smiled back at him. “It looks like they do.”

“We should meet here next week, so that they can play,” He said, casually.

I watched as Paws chased Snickers. She really did like his dog. I looked back over at the Guy. He was really cute.

“Same time?” I asked.

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