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Dog park love story pic

Dog Park Love Story

More free online romance stories like this one by Milda Harris are being added all the time! Dog Park Love Story by Milda Harris “That’s a cute dog,” The Guy said, as I walked past him. I hadn’t even noticed him up until that point. We were in a dog park, with lots of other […]

Until Today

Waiting for yet another wedding ceremony to start, Kate wishes she was at the movies instead. This is in the vein of “flash fiction” which are short, short stories of less than 1,000 words (approx 170 words). * * * * “There will be cake,” she tells herself and tries to look as if she’s […]

The Night of the Party

by Christy Murphy Maureen can see he’s in pain, and even under the circumstances, she still loves him. “And when you love someone,” she thinks to herself, “and you can relieve his suffering, you do it.” She motions to Henry to stop talking. He stops and looks up at her. She can almost see a […]

… And Then He Kissed Her (3 Short Love Stories)

by Christy Murphy Diane opened the door, and there he was wearing a tuxedo. “I take it back. There ARE girls that make guys want to do ridiculous things for,” Ken said as he reached into his pocket and put on bunny ears from Diane’s Halloween costume last year. “You’re ridiculous!” she laughed as her […]