In this original short web fiction piece by Sylvia Krakauer (approx. 2300 words) you’ll find out that sometimes being what other people call crazy is the sanest thing in the world. * * * * Marriage is like a fortress besieged: those who are outside want to get in, and those who are inside want […]

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Dog Park Love Story

More free online romance stories like this one by Milda Harris are being added all the time! Dog Park Love Story by Milda Harris “That’s a cute dog,” The Guy said, as I walked past him. I hadn’t even noticed him up until that point. We were in a dog park, with lots of other […]

Best Personal Ad Ever

by Sylvia Krakauer “So what do you do”, I said to the computer screen, “if you really do like walking on the beach and you really don’t play games?” I guess things get to be clich├ęs for a reason. But I didn’t want someone who thought I was just like everyone else. So maybe I […]

Food Stories

If you’re a fan of flash fiction, you’ll find tons of examples on this site. Below are six stories by Milda Harris all written around the theme of “Food.” Yum! Food Stories by Milda Harris I stared at the girl making the Nutella crepe and couldn’t help myself. I went to the counter and ordered […]

Dave Murphy’s Kid

In another one of Christy Murphy’s true stories about growing up, you’ll find out why it’s both awesome and hard to be the geeky kid of a fun-loving dad. * * * * When I was in middle school, I found out that my Algebra teacher Mrs. McClure had gone to high school with my […]

Until Today

Waiting for yet another wedding ceremony to start, Kate wishes she was at the movies instead. This is in the vein of “flash fiction” which are short, short stories of less than 1,000 words (approx 170 words). * * * * “There will be cake,” she tells herself and tries to look as if she’s […]

My Brother, David

Anyone can save the day like on television or in the movies. Sometimes, it’s even your brother. Find out how, in this true short story by author, Christy Murphy. My Brother David “Oh no!” I gasp out loud to my brother. “I forgot my gym clothes.” My voice is tight and thin with anxiety. PE […]

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by Sylvia Krakauer Enjoy these flash fiction stories all about epiphanies. I had an epiphany today about my priorities. I no longer let my underwear soak in the sink while I shower because my cat recently started climbing into sink and sitting in the basin. I think that if I had soap in the sink […]

Short But Sweet Stories of Revenge

by Christy MurphyShe forced herself to relax as she lined up her sights and waited for her view to be unobstructed. As the carnival goers moved away from her target, she held her breath and pulled the trigger. No one would ever suffer at his hands again. * * * * * Some might think […]

Whoever Promised That Life Would be Fair

by Sylvia Krakauer Almost everyone I know remembers the first time the previously dispositive complaint “That’s not fair” was not met with a sincere effort to make things right but with a dismissive “Whoever promised that life would be fair?” Most of us were shocked into silence without fully grasping that our worlds were forever […]

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